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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

stay on the damn track, allegra

getting some ssx3 on gamecube in, as you see by the title. i'd like to say it's a stress-reliever hobby, but you get so frustrated when they don't do stuff. and then they say the same lame things over, and over... but i'm getting her built up, and am hoping to unlock peak 3 by the end of the weekend.

i know, i am blogging about gaming, i think i have reached the epitome of nerd. (sorry scott, dre, and allain, all of whom have blogged about gaming this week.)

anyway, i hit my toe earlier and it hurts. and there is stuff going on at work that is not so fun. but other stuff is awesome, nay, dare i say hawesome, continuing in my nerd vein. the set is moving right along, which is good, since the show is in a couple of weeks. if anyone has any 60s looking furniture, btw, in a basement or something, we sure could use it. :) tomorrow i am working on clocks. i like doing the detail work that needs to be done right before the show, but i'm really hoping to save my shoulder.

let's see. oh, i got an email. we've got dates confirmed and an air france flight out of the t-dot for france this summer. glee! scott has been working most diligently on a website i had sketched on a piece of paper, he is quite skilled. that will have the itinerary, when it's up i will let you guys know. it's an anorak's dream tour, it really is. ok, so it doesn't have enough trains for some (j'accuse, roy cropper!) but i am very excited indeed. i'm bringing back champagne for my champagne birthday from the source. :)


Dre said...

SSX3 totally rocks! I got addicted to it a few years back, so I wholeheartedly understand. Peak 3 is a real treat. You'll love some of the outfits that you can get. And the tracks sure are challenging!

9:25 AM  
mare said...

oh, it's a super fun game. i really enjoy it.

and i've bought a couple of cute hoodie/puffy vest combos, and poorboy hats, that are fun. :P you can play AND shop! what more do you need in a game!

9:54 AM  

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